Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Most Amazing of Walks

Last night--after an appointment with the midwife during which she told me the baby was basically going to fall out if I progressed any more--Mr. Llama and I went for a walk. I don't know if you've ever gone for a walk while a week over-due, but it requires frequent rests and by the end of it you walk up the stairs to your apartment feeling like you've been hit by a semi-truck. I think though, that the Lord must have been watching out for me last night, because it was seriously one of the greatest walks ever.

To start out with, my walking buddy is a super handsome and amusing dude. So there was that. And then, we were stalked by a squirrel. We spotted him on a power line beneath some trees and watched as he followed us (at a not so discreet distance) for several blocks. We were about to get worried, because I mean, it's not every day a suspicious squirrel follows you in a nice neighborhood, but then he hopped into a tree and, we are assuming, got there just in time for his Acorn Addicts Anonymous meeting.

Next, we saw a swarm (seriously, a big swarm) of ants on the side-walk that super grossed me out but was also kinda interesting. You literally couldn't see the cement for a square foot because of how many there were. It was a sight to behold.

And then, then, we found a ten dollar bill on the side of the road. Yeah, ten whole bucks. I think God was was telling me to hang in there with the whole pregnancy thing, because just after we found the money we passed a donut shop and it smelled heavenly, so we spent three of the dollars on donuts and I regret nothing. Just so you know though, Krispy Kreme still makes the best glazed donuts in the world.

So there it is, my ideal walk. Suspicious squirrels, creepy/interesting bugs, money, and sugar. All of these things form a perfect union and pretty much steal my heart.

Now here is me taking one of those frequent rests I mentioned. I highly recommend street signs for leaning if you ever find yourself imitating a winded rhinoceros on the side of a road.

What happens on your ideal walk? Care to make a guess how big the baby will be? The ultrasound said 8.6 pounds today. If you guess the date/time of the baby's birth within an hour, should i give you a prize? 

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