Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Review

What can I say about grandparents? We've had a weekend with both sets in town and Ruby has rarely had to be anywhere but in someones arms. Watching them love on her pretty much makes my heart melt. Especially my father, who hasn't historically been a baby holder but who grins so wide when she is him his arms. It's fantastic to behold.

And my mom, she's been so great. She arrived two days after Ruby was born and was so very helpful for the nine days she was here. She vacuumed and cooked and did dishes and laundry and basically made my life so easy I could just focus on sleeping and eating and nursing for the first week and a half of Baby Llama's existence. And now my mother-in-law is here and being just as amazing. I am truly spoiled.

Sunday we had Ruby's baby blessing at church and it was so special because her Daddy and Grandpa and Abuelito all got to be there and participate in it. And she looked pretty glorious in a vintage little white dress with a white flower headband and an adorable silver and pearl bracelet. I mean, we made a pretty darn cute baby, and all gussied up she looked superb.

Anywho. Granparents rock. Spread the word.

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