Friday, May 31, 2013

Best Burgers Ever and a Lovely Visual

Not to brag, but last night Mr. Llama made me dinner (the man is a saint, I tell you) and it was most delicious. Imagine a hamburger--the best one you've ever tasted--now multiply the taste of it by 29,000 awesomes and you've got the meal my husband made me last night. I told you the griddle was a kitchen necessity before, and now I have a testimony of it. Because these burgers. Holy cow. He used some sort of sauce and seasoning in them, and then he made another sauce with pickle relish and it was divine and I about peed myself with excitement. Really I was just planning to eat one, but then there was another one and I thought, "eh, I'll eat half" but before I knew it the whole thing was gone. I blamed the dog for half a second in my head and then realized that the deliciously full and satisfied feeling in my belly meant it was probably me who had devoured the whole thing... so I accepted it and was happy.

The best part of dinner though, was that there were left overs, so as I sit typing this I'm munching on another delicious hamburger with a huge side of watermelon and a tall glass of water. And it is good. I would take a picture for you, but now the hamburger is gone and only half the watermelon remains, so it wouldn't be particularly beautiful.

If you want a visual though, imagine this. Me, 38 (almost 39) weeks pregnant, sitting at the kitchen table in my tankini, stomach bared because there isn't enough fabric in the world to cover it, an almost empty plate of watermelon in front of me and a streak of grease on the aforementioned bare belly from the aforementioned delicious burger. Isn't pregnancy beautiful?

Now if you are wondering why I'm in a tankini, I will tell you. It's because I went over to the house of a new friend and we chillaxed beside her apartment's pool for a while and just chatted and watched the cutest, gurgliest baby girl splash around and then explain to her mama without words but still very succinctly, that she was not a fan of the floaty thingamabob so please take her out of it right now, I mean it, now. The water was pretty chilly, so I didn't put more than my legs in, but oh how I wanted to! I think tomorrow I may work up the courage, because as it turns out there's a pool in our apartment complex too, and it's going to be 90 degrees out (I wonder if the Bay Area will put out another adorable little heat advisory?).

Oh and plus also, I thought I was having mild contractions last night! So that was exciting! But then it turned out I just needed to poo. Which I have been doing quite a bit more than normal lately. Too much information? Sorry, but if it's any comfort I hear it's normal to have looser bowels in the home stretch of a pregnancy, so at least I'm not the only preggo out there dealing with more #2 than usual.

And for those of you having trouble visualizing the tankini, this post's photo is for you. You are so welcome.

Tell me about the best burger you've ever eaten! And what sort of weather do you consider heat advisory worthy? Do low 90's count? 

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