Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ramble, Ramble, TBT!

Sometimes I like to wear Mr. Llama's clothes while he is away. Can I help it that they are super comfortable and big on me and that he leaves them lying conveniently on the dresser, all unfolded and ready to be put on? You're right, I can't. All a(n uncomfortably pregnant) girl can do at that point is slip on the drawstring basketball shorts and oversized Captain America t-shirt before eating a big bowl of knock-off lucky charms (which are not as good as the real lucky charms) and logging onto the internet for the morning. Agreed? Agreed.

Did you know my due date is in eleven days? That's less than two weeks. But more than a week. And I'm not in single digits yet, and honestly my mom says I was 3 weeks late, so this child will probably just hang out until July 1st, at which point I will be so big no one will believe I'm fat instead of pregnant anymore. And then I can give birth to the largest ever recorded baby in the world, and I can get into the Guinness record book or something. And then that can be my interesting fact at functions where you're supposed to introduce yourself and say something memorable. "Hi, I'm Lidia and I gave birth to a 22 pound baby who was a month over-due and was born teething." Too much of a visual?

On the other hand, Mr. Llama was 3 weeks early, so perhaps Baby Llama will be juuuuust right--much like Goldilocks--and show up exactly on the tenth of June. Or any time between now and then would be cool. Did you hear that kid? Did you?

Oh and guys guess what! Today is throwback Thursday! I've never actually participated in this before, but right now I'm sitting in our dining room/office across from a photo wall thing we've got going on, and I can see two pictures which I would love to share with you, because I kind of think they are super adorable and that you'll like them, or at least pretend to because you're good at humoring me.

^^^Yeah, this is totally me. I have no idea how old I was, but I was darned adorable. Just look at the little pony-tail fountain! And the dress! And the monkey! And those bangs! Zeetus Lapeetus the cute!

^^^ This one is also me, only with slightly more magnificent bangs than before, and longer hair. And what seems to me like an air of nobility. I have to imagine that I was pretending to be a princess or something, so straight was I standing and so much lace did I sport. Not that I'm complaining. I dig the lace, and if I can find tights like that for Baby Llama, she will wear them all the time. Also, is that a bud light box in the corner?

^^^ Okay, on the real folks, I was going to post a picture of Mr. Llama at some high school dance with a girl who was not me because we hadn't yet met and made a baby, but then I thought about it and realized he would probably not appreciate pictures of his high school self being used here without getting permission... and he didn't answer his phone at work to give me permission. So Instead you get to look at this uber adorable but less interesting picture of Mr. Llama as a baby. On the plus side, if you morph this picture and the one of me with the fountain hair, you kinda get an idea of what Baby Llama might look like. Because I'm hoping she comes out looking a little cuter than the following.

Do you have a blog? Will you post throwback thursday pictures of yourself there so I can go look? What is the most embarrassing photo you or your parents have of your childhood self? 

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  1. I'm thinking of starting one! Especially when we have a little one to write about. Most embarrassing photo hmmm, I can't think of one for myself but I love this one of my little sis when she was a baby and they had her in the backyard laying on a blanket stark naked! Now that's what I plan to show her future husband ;)