Wednesday, May 29, 2013


You know what's awesome? Not working, that's what. I mean, I liked my job in Tempe. My boss was super nice, I could work from home, and my schedule was flexible for doctors appointments and other stuff. But you know the thing about working? It involves work. And schedules. And answering phones and being sociable. And I'm definitely more of a "I'll talk to you when I have time so please stop calling and send an e-mail if it's that important" sort of girl. So this house-wife thing is definitely for me. Because I don't have to talk to anyone. Because there is no one to talk to. Because I am alone in the house with a dog who is currently trying to gut his pillow and barking menacingly at me as if to say, "You, chick with the food, bring me something to munch on before you're next!"

...Now I'm sort of depressed. I like solitude on occasion, but I also would at least like the option of being sociable and having friends who I can send witty text messages to and then meet for lunch just because we're both bored out of our minds and need to get out of the house before our pets start ordering things like swedish massages on top of their milk-bones.

That's the thing about following your husband to a strange new land called San Jose where stores don't provide plastic bags and then charge you for paper ones. You don't get to take your friends with you. Or your family. Just your Mr. and your fetus and your dog. And then BAM you're a house-wife and you're barefoot and pregnant and standing in a kitchen and finding yourself actually enjoying it before swishing off to vacuum something and start a new blog because you figure talking to people on the internet counts as being social and helps to fulfill you. Lovely.

In other, even lovlier news, I got a griddle! I am genuinely super duper excited about this, because ever since Mr. Llama and I have been married I've been without one, which has made pancakes, french toast and bacon (basically all the best breakfast foods) uber difficult and time consuming to make correctly. I mean, have you ever tried making perfect french toast without a griddle? Because it sucks and by the time you're done the first four slices have gone all cold and icky and then you have to stick them in the microwave for ten seconds which basically ruins everything. So griddles, they're a kitchen necessity. Tell your friends.

And lest you think I was kidding about being barefoot and knocked up in my new kitchen...

I totally wasn't.

Have you ever moved someplace new? Where to? And how did you make friends!? Inquiring minds want to know. 


  1. Oh Lidia... I love how you write the same way that you talk! Don't worry about the whole "making friends" thing. If I remember correctly, all we had to do was establish the fact that we both love Vampire Diaries and then that was the end of it. We were insta-friends. So, just keep on keepin' on and be amazed at the awesome experiences and peeps that God has waiting for you. This is just the beginning of a new chapter of new things of a book that has never been read before. :)

  2. Mrs. M, how do you always manage to say the most awesome things? Thank you. <3