Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Puppy Love Song

Monday night is family time. We call it family home evening because we're oh so totally Mormon, but normally I just say FHE and leave it at that. It's the one evening a week we try our darndest to stay home doing "wholesome recreational activities" and usually having a quick spiritual lesson. This Monday, we started things off right with a french toast dinner (apparently brinner has become my thing lately) and a nice discussion about churchy things before heading off on a walking adventure, just us and the Llama Dog. 

 ^^^ Mr. Llama planned out our study for the week, like a good dude. We use a white board because it's big and obnoxious and makes it harder to miss or ignore, so we're more likely to actually study what we planned to.

^^^And then we left to go explore the area. Unfortunately that meant we had to cross the busiest intersection in the world, which meant we had to wait for the walk sign for about twenty minutes (only slightly do I exaggerate) before we could finally get going. One of us was not amused by the wait. 

 ^^^Once we actually got going, our adventure took us along a trail with access to Los Gatos Creek which runs right near our place. Of course the access was pretty small, and most of the time on the trail you couldn't actually see the creek because it's so far below the trail itself... but we did get to stand beside the water, which was sort of cool we guess?

 ^^^And Llama Dog decided drinking the water would be a good idea, and then gave me this face as if to say, "What? Don't you drink from streams that contain runoff from the streets above?"

 ^^^Anyway, then because I am an attention seeker, I had Mr. Llama take a picture (maybe more like 15, but I'll only make you look at one) of me posing while "walking the dog." For posterity and whatnot.

 ^^^And because I've seen too many pictures of bulldogs on instagram, I asked Mr. Llama to walk with Doggy Dog into some tall grass so he could frolic. The only frolicking he did was once he got out of the grass, because he hated it with a passion, and once completely surrounded, planted himself and refused to take another step. So much for a joyous insta of him enjoying himself in nature.

 ^^^On our way home though, at the corner of that street where the KFC stands (I ATE THE BONES!), we were waiting for another light and saw a bulldog sticking its head out of the window of a car right next to us. "Oh look, Honey, another Bully!" said I. "HEY! Can we come talk to you!?" Shouted the woman driving the car.

 ^^^So there, in a small patch of grass behind the KFC, Llama Dog met Libby Dog, the future mother of the children he will never have because we had him neutered before we moved to San Jose.

 ^^^It was a passionate meeting, one I'm sure neither dog will forget.

 ^^^Many soft words and promises were exchanged. They were soul mates. We nearly shed a tear.

^^^And when they said their farewells, the audience sighed. 

Unfortunately, Llama Dog forgot to ask for his new girlfriend's number, so the chances of them meeting again are pretty slim. Hopefully he doesn't pine too much. The whole thing did make me think though, that I'd like to find a group of dogs he can play-date with. Maybe there's a bulldog club nearby where he can make friends and get his crazy out every few weeks? Or a dog park we can take him to periodically? 

Anywho. Long story short, we went for a walk on Monday night and had a pretty good time and then came home. 

And yes, I'm still pregnant. 

If I paid you ten bucks, would you drink from the creek like Llama Dog did? Should I look into a bulldog club nearby? Do your pets have significant others? Why didn't our dog want to frolic in the tall grass like other dogs do!? 

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