Friday, June 7, 2013


Are you superstitious? I never really thought I was. I mean, I can walk under ladders, break mirrors, and cross paths with the blackest of cats like a champ. But lately, I feel like my mind has been running away with me and telling me things that make no logical sense.

For example: "Your baby will not be born until you finish reading that childbirth book you ordered on Amazon, because she doesn't want you to waste money."

Or more recently: "You will have the baby once you finish watching all of the Harry Potter movies from start to finish."

Guys, I just put the fourth movie in.

Maybe the Harry Potter thing isn't such a long shot though? I mean, you know what a nerd I am. maybe Baby Llama will be super into it too and want to come out to see for herself what it's all about once she gets to experience the fullness of the movies in utero.

Now please excuse me, because the voices are telling me that watching the movies means actually paying attention to them. If you need me in the next day or two I'll be snuggling on the futon with my preggle pillow Ricardo and probably a bowl of icecream.

^^^Apparently Llama Dog thought Deathly Hallows Part One Sucked. But what does he know, right? Also, why doesn't Part Two have a picture of Potter on the spine like the others? Is that to make it more dramatic or something? Like Book Seven not having a teaser on the flap?

Are you superstitious? What About? Do you like Harry Potter? If not, do you also hate puppies?    ;)

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