Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Party of Two

First of all, I'm still pregnant. I like to preface everything I say with this lately so people don't think I'm going to share more exciting news than I actually am. It sort of lowers the bar a little and makes everything I say thereafter a little more note-worthy. Try it sometime, even if you've never actually been pregnant. Or are a man. At the very least it's a conversation starter.

Now on to the the actual content.

Mr. Llama and I had our weekly date night last night. Since we've been in San Jose we've been trying something new every week restaurant-wise (a challenge from my father-in-law) and enjoying pretty much every minute of it. Normally I'm a stick to the basics sort of girl when it comes to eating out. In Arizona my go to spots were Oregano's, Texas Roadhouse, the Cheesecake Factory, and a variety of fast food places (Taco Bell, yum). And I never branched out when we went to those places, I just stuck to whatever I'd had to start with that tasted so good I wanted to go back for more. This was suuuuper frustrating for Mr. Llama, who is more the type to try something new, even if he loved the first meal he got. He likes variety and trying new things and tasting all of the flavors. Which explains his love affair with Dr. Pepper I suppose. Anywho. So when we moved I promised I would try new places with him and let myself be open to new tastes.

So far it's working out. We've tried an Indian place (the last time I had Indian was in 2010) which I kind of adored, a Chinese place where I ordered something other than my standard beef with broccoli, A brunch place I blogged about previously, and tonight, a Mexican taqueria we both pretty well fell in love with.

Because guys, the food! It was super delicioso and reminded me of the sorts of little hole in the wall restaurant's my dad loves to eat at because honestly, that is where the food is most authentic. I ordered a carnitas taco plate and Mr. Llama got himself something called "asada fries" which was basically a heart attack of fries smothered with carnitas, sour cream, guacamole, and pico de gallo. And you know what else? My plate came with beans and rice, and I actually liked the rice, which is super rare for me when eating Mexican away from home, because they never make it dry enough or tasty enough to remind me of what my Dad and Abuelita make. But this place aced the rice test and so now I have a little Mexican place within walking distance that I am not ashamed to like ( ahem tacobell ahem) and that I can show off to my Dad when he comes to visit after this baby decides to evacuate my uterus like its a burning building and she's just woken up to a smoke filled room and an intense heat outside of her bedroom door from which the only escape is a tiny window that looks sort of like a fully dilated and effaced cervix.

Now look at these pictures!

 ^^^40 weeks in just two days, folks!

 ^^^Delicious Horchata drink (with free refills, thank you very mucho).

 ^^^Horchata drinking Mr. Llama.

 ^^^Heart attack fries.

 ^^^I maybe started eating before I remembered to take a picture. SUE ME. It was too tasty to wait.

 ^^^ This is his "Holy shiz, did I just eat all of that and is my stomach about to explode?" face.

 ^^^The tasty thingamabobs from which the horchata (and tamarindo) come.
 ^^^The name of the restaurant. In case you're wondering, it's conveniently located between a non-name brand Mexican market and a laundromat, just as all good hole in the wall Mexican taquerias should be.

^^^The Llamas, on what could be there last date night before their family of two plus puppy becomes a family of three. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Will I go into labor tonight? Where is your favorite Mexican food located? Have you ever used a laundromat?


  1. You two are adorable. I'm so glad you are being adventurous. The food in the Bay Area is way too good to stick to the basics. :)

    1. Awe, thanks! And it really is delicious! It seems like everything we try is great lately. I don't think I've eaten a single un-tasty thing since we got here!

  2. You know how we love Mexican food, it all looks so good!! I absolutely love your description of the baby coming and comparing it to things being on fire LOL!!