Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap

I didn't have grand plans for my weekend, just a couple of things I wanted to achieve. In no particular order, I wanted to clean the house (hopefully for the last time before the baby shows up), spend my allowance at the farmers market (yeah, I've given myself a farmer's market allowance), finish the Harry Potter films, and go into labor.

So far folks, I've done three out of four. Can you guess which ones?

I'll give you a hint.

I'm still pregnant.

The housecleaning went pretty okay. Since we've moved in here I've tried to keep things clean and tidy and have committed to cleaning the whole house on a weekly basis. And so far I've actually done it! Every week the floors are vacuumed, swept and mopped. The bathroom is cleaned and the kitchen counters are wiped. The laundry is done and all of our things are put back where they belong. It's pretty heavenly, I'm not going to lie. Especially since Leighton helps me while I'm doing it all because frankly, I can't really bend the way I need to clean the house effectively when my stomach is the size of an over inflated beach ball.

So clean the house. Check. I would take pictures to show you, but they wouldn't be super exciting or anything, because I'm sure you've all seen vacuum lines in a carpet before.

And yes, I've finished the Harry Potter films, so Baby Llama, you are welcome to show up at any time. Like now would be good. Because I mean, don't you want to join this cozy scene and re-watch from the outside?

And finally, the farmer's market. My allowance this week was 20 bucks, and that will probably turn into a bi-weekly thing and just another part of our grocery budget. Because pretty much I love the farmers market here. There are a ton of local farms that grow all sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables around here (though I'm definitely more of a fruit girl when we're buying fresh and organic stuff in a parking lot) so we can get our variety nearby and pretty cheaply considering. Today for example we got a bunch of cherries and plumcots (plum/apricots) and even a few fresh carrots that are delicious to the taste.

Oh! And we also got some home-made basil and sun-dried tomato hummus with delicious Pita that I then promptly ate for lunch. Next time I think I'll go for some granola if they have any there. And fresh flowers. Because who doesn't love fresh flowers?

 ^^^Can you tell how thrilled this guy was to get up on a Saturday morning and take his very pregnant, camera toting wife to the local farmers market so she could spend his money of fruit n' stuff?
^^^I didn't even know cauliflower came in so many colors! There's a purple one!
 ^^^This is where they sell hummus. The dude had me try one that was "just a little spicy" but set my mouth on fire so badly I almost went into labor.
 ^^^And incase you've never seen a plumcot before, this is what they look like. And they are delicious.
 ^^^Eh, what's up, Doc?

When you re-watch the last three Harry Potter Films, do you call Harry Potter a jerk whenever he speaks poorly of Snape... or is that just me?  Do you frequent a farmer's market? What do you buy there? What is your favorite flower? 

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  1. This totally motivates me to visit the Farmers Markets here and there!