Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Was Her Name?

Ruby's umbilical cord fell off yesterday. Gross. Underneath there was what looked like yellow pussy stuff, so I called the pediatrician to see if it was normal and what-not. She ended up asking us to come in to the office so she could put some silver nitrate on the base (which was apparently not pussy, just umbilically) to dry it out. As it turns out, Baby Llama has a really big belly-button, which explains how she became such a little chunker in the womb. She got lots of nutrients through that thing!

Speaking of chunkers, the pediatrician also told me Ruby has managed to gain seven ounces in two days and is less than an ounce from her birth weight now. She then told me I could probably feed her every three hours instead of every two, and that I should let her ignore the second boob if she falls asleep after the first. But I don't want to, because do you know how much engorgement sucks? A lot, okay? So I'm still wanting to wake her up as often as possible to nurse and basically I feel like that one witch whose name I don't know from Hansel and Gretel who fattens up children to cook for dinner. And Ruby does look super tasty, so its hard to keep from taking a nibble.

In other news, I did manage to do some new born shots yesterday, but I'm being lazy and haven't yet uploaded them to my computer. So you only get one today, but it is a good one, so please enjoy. I'm no professional photographer, but I have a pretty decent camera which I think makes up for it in some ways.

How scrumptious does this baby look? Don't you just want to nibble on those cheeks? Should I continue to fatten her up until she has at least four wrist rolls on each wrist? 

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  1. My son Simon just looked at this photo and said "that's a cute baby!"

    Good luck! The first few weeks (years) can be hard but it is fun in its own special way ;)