Monday, July 29, 2013

No Body Puts Baby in the Closet... Except Me.

This morning I feel triumphant. It happens sometimes. Today its because Baby Llama had good sleep last night. And I mean good. Or as good as it can be for a baby not yet six weeks old. It took her two hours to actually go to sleep last night (not the good part) but once she was down she slept for four and a half hours, after which she woke, ate, pooped, had her diaper changed, ate a teensy bit more, then went back to sleep and slept another four hours. Which means mama got eight hours of sleep last night. Hurrah!!! And now I'm sitting here with an awake baby who is awake on my lap smiling all sorts of charm at me. It's heavenly.

I think part of it was that we moved her sleeping area into our walk in closet and her dresser/changing table thing into the bedroom. I know it sounds weird (you make your baby sleep in the closet?!) but our walk in is pretty massive. We moved all our clothes to one side of the "room" and our shoes under our respective edges of the bed. And then BAM there was more than enough room for a crib along the left side and baby was sleeping in an area of her own with consistent lighting and airflow. Added bonus? Mama didn't wake up at every little sound and the one time she did wake up to some baby grunts she was able to go back to sleep almost right away and Little Llama was able to fall back to sleep by herself. Win. Win. Win. That third win is for Daddy who got to sleep straight through the night.

In other news, my six week doctors appointment is coming up this week. Among other, less your business and more risqué things, I will likely be cleared for exercise at this check-up. In anticipation of this event, I've ordered Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD, almost purely because I've heard good things about it from post baby Mommy's who are now all thin and whatnot. Also, the work-outs are only 20 minutes, which means I can squeeze them in during Munchkin's naps alongside laundry, blogging, and lunch.

And in case you're wondering what's on Netflix lately, Mr. Llama and I have been watching Sherlock. He pays attention to the plot and I pay attention to Benny Cumberbatch and we're both happy as clams.

Oh, I almost forgot! If you're looking to yummify oatmeal, get some frozen mixed berries and mix them into it while its still hot, along with a fair bit of honey. Delicious (said in Mr. Candy-Crush's voice, because I'm stuck on level seventy which is really hard, through not quite as hard as level sixty five way).

Now I don't really have any pictures of any of the above events slash ideas slash foods to share with you, so here are some of the latest iPhone picture I have of my baby. I know that's really why you're here, so enjoy.

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  1. She's seriously adorable! So happy for you and your little family!