Monday, August 26, 2013

A Million Things About My Weekend

Do you ever have just a million things to say, but you know if you go into detail about everything people will lose interest and start getting that spacey look on their face that means they're fantasizing about Gerard Butler without a shirt on? That's where I'm at right now. There is SO much I want to tell you about this weekend, but in the interest of sparing you a thousand inane details, I'm going to try and keep it short and simple.

Friday Night:

We received an invitation from some lovely friends of ours to go to the beach after work and roast hot-dogs and marshmallows and devour them until our stomachs were fit to explode. How could we say no? So off we went to Santa Cruz, and did you know the stars are very bright by the ocean, and the sound of waves crashing in the darkness is super soothing and I think I might just buy a tent so that some time soon we can go again and just stay there all night, eating s'mores and being poetic 'n whatnot. PS. Doesn't Rubzabelle look sorta like King Tut in those pictures?

Sadly, we had to leave the beach and go home, where we got maybe four hours of sleep before we were up again and off to the San Jose Flea Market.

 ^^^ As it turns out, there may be free parking before 8 on Saturdays, but there sure isn't much to do until around 11, which is coincidentally about the time we got tired and left to go to the movie theater... but I digress.

  ^^^ We did have fun though, and by 10ish, I'd say three quarters of the vendors were set up and ready to sell their wares. Unfortunately, the food stands were not open, which sucks because I was really looking forward to a hand dipped corn dog. I am a sucker for those babies. Also, Dippin Dots. Yum.

^^^Also I found this little gem for two bucks. It's a whistle thing you put in your mouth that makes tons of annoying sounds that will drive your husband up the wall but amuse you to no end. I'm keeping it on my bedside table to startle him on occasion.

^^^Cute family, huh? No idea who they are. But hi, posing strangers!

^^^And then this happened. I have no words.

SO. That was Saturday. And because Rebecca Black took the time to teach us the days of the week, we all know that Saturday comes after Sunday (Yeah, I just re-read that, but upon further reflection I'm going to leave it because it actually is a good representation of the educational qualities of Rebecca Black's videos), so that's what's next. Unfortunately, Sunday was not super pleasant.

Ruby woke up with gunk in her eye and was sick and unhappy all day long, poor thing. Thankfully, she's doing loads better this morning and though she has a bit of a cough, seems so much happier. Yay for a happy baby. I mean, she woke up three times last night which she hasn't done since she was two or three weeks old, but yay for happiness! Hopefully she starts sleeping better at night as soon as she feels completely well.

So that was out weekend condensed into a few pictures and words. And this morning I dropped Leighton off at the airport with a kiss and a butt pat and said good-bye because he's off to Dallas for the week for work which means I get to spend a whole lotta one on one time with baby girl until our special surprise guests arrive on Wednesday.

Life is good.

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