Monday, September 30, 2013

While The Blog Was Sleeping

So, uh. Arizona was fun. Unfortunately when I got back from the trip I was out of the writing groove, and now too much has happened to sufficiently recap with photos... so instead hows about I just make a list and share a few pictures but not try to be comprehensive?

K? K.

1. Ruby got her ears pierced in Arizona. This was surprisingly simple and easy. She only cried while they were piercing the ears, and afterwards she was as happy as a recently tearful clam who no longer remembered why she had been crying but just needed to cuddle.

2. Football season started, sucking Mr. Llama into its whirlpool of hope and despair and emotion.

3. I survived my first flight with a baby, and it was not at all bad because she slept and flirted the whole time.

4. Ruby turned three months old and started grabbing for things and staying awake for longer periods during the day. She still isn't rolling over, but no big. That just means she'll stay where I put her and not roll under the couch while my back is turned.

5. We got a car!!!

Now here is photographic evidence of a few of those things mixed with some cute photos of my kid. I haven't gotten around to scooping the pictures off of my camera yet, but once I do, I'm planning just a giant photo dump around these parts, so prepare yourselves.

 ^^^The car's name is Dolores, and she is a Sundevil.

 ^^^ Earrings!

 ^^^Also an ASU fan.

 ^^^Upside down baby is upside down.

^^^ Ruby's duck face is better than yours.

 ^^^She dressed to match her bunny and then tried to eat his face. Babies, man.

 ^^^At the ASU v. Stanford game in Palo Alto. Doesn't that woman behind us look great? We tots got photo bombed, but she deserves the props.

^^^I call this her "devious baby" look.

Now please excuse me while I go eat breakfast and then leave the house with my baby and car and whatnot.

Also I have to change a diaper because kiddo just pooped so forcefully I felt the bed vibrate beneath me.



  1. Your car is so classy! Ruby is growing so fast! This post was exciting!

  2. Yahoo for you getting back to blogging, we missed it! We enjoy hearing your funny, witty insights and gawking at lots of pictures of your cute little family, especially the Rubyroo!