Tuesday, October 1, 2013


So having a car is divine. I never realized before how awesome being out of the house is. I mean, when we lived in Arizona I worked from home and we went out on dates and I could just up and leave whenever I had the inkling because There was always a car at my disposal. But then we moved to California and Leighton started bringing home that delicious bacon and I had a baby and then I was home all day with her and netflix is really a vortex so I got sucked in and watched three (THREE) whole TV series in just a few months. And I'm talking hour long shows with seven seasons or more. My brain is fried.

Which is why Dolores has changed the name of the game. Yesterday was so sweet. SO. SWEET. Baby Llama and I woke up and did a couple chores and then loaded into our new car to head to a friends house, where we made some pretty tasty very streusel muffins and consumed them. Then we headed to a park where we got to hang out on a blanket and stare at the trees and the sky and the kids playing on the (really low) monkey bars. It was great.

 After that it was home for a nap and then off again like a flash to the bank and some random person's house where we picked up a $20 jogging stroller and then to the pet food store where we bought Cedric's very special and rare grain-free doggie food because he breaks out into hives when he eats anything else other than people food. Because he is a drama llama dog.

And guys, our whole day was exhilarating. I felt alive and occupied and not like I should eat the house out of boredom. That's the thing about being home all day every day, you have a tendency to live around meal times, whereas when I'm out and about, meals are more of a secondary thing and I don't feel hungry at random moments because I'm focused on doing cool things.

Case in point. What I did at home this evening.

And yes, they were delicious, but I now I have to stop myself from wasting all my weight watchers points on eating every last one of them. 

Which brings me to my next picture. 

Since I started Weight Watchers two and a halfish weeks ago, I've lost about 11 pounds and am down from  180 at the end of my Arizona trip (rootbeer floats for breakfast, yo) to 169. So that's good I guess. It's progress, so I'll take it, but I've still got another 17 pounds until I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight and 34 until I'm back down to my goal. I'm willing to do it slowly though, healthily. I'm eating well and am hoping to take that jogging stroller out for a spin soon for funsies. 

Ohandplusalso, I've given up meat for a while. I got myself a vegetarian cook book and a bunch of beans and lentils and quinoa and veggies and I'm trying to branch out in my meal planning. I felt as if all of our meals were based around meat and were really boring, so I made a change and I'm learning more about food and variety and I like it. And that's all I have to say about that. At the moment. 

Now it's off to bed so that I can be well rested for whatever adventures tomorrow might hold! 

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