Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Talented Mr. Llama

Last night Mr. Llama baked me a cake. And no that's not a euphemism for anything. He baked me an actual cake. A carrot cake, to be exact. It was oh so tasty, more-so because he did it all himself. And just so you understand what this cake meant to me, I will tell you that my husband is not a baker. He likes to eat the fruits of my labor, but anytime I pull out the all purpose flour and the sugar and the eggs, he clears out. He says the kitchen is too small for more than one person to be in it at a time, but I know the truth. Mr. Llama thinks baking is mysterious and a bit girly, so he leaves it to me.

Not last night though, last night he baked for my birthday and discovered that it's not quite as mysterious as he might have imagined, all you have to do is follow a recipe and be patient. I will say though, that as delicious as the cake was, I'm not sure I want him baking for me more often than once annually. I mean, there has to be something I do better than him, right?

Now, I wanted to get some pictures of the baking and the cake to share here, but Leighton was having none of it (for a photogenic man, he doesn't enjoy being photographed), so instead I'll leave you with today's picture. A happy baby, brought to you by Baby Signing Time. This kid loves that video.

Now please excuse me while I try to cheer up the chastised baby who thinks it's good fun to bite mommy's knee while she's typing on the laptop. 

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