Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Great Subject Matter

You could probably tell from my previous posts that I enjoy photography. There's just something about a picture with good composition and lighting that makes me happy. Ruby is an especially good subject. Her skin is soft and clear, her hair glimmers in the sun, and those lips are so perfectly shaped. All I have to do is point a camera at her and the two of them do the work. It doesn't even need to be my good camera, she looks good on an iPhone just the same.

Still, even though the baby practically makes the picture, I like to practice all the same. And recently I've had the opportunity to practice with some new subjects. Sure, those kids photographed just as well as mine, but they did move slightly more, so I had to work just a tad harder to get a good shot. I surprised myself with more than one good photo, and realized in the process that this dream I've had of starting a small photography business on the side may not be a complete fantasy. I toyed with the idea of starting a Facebook page to advertise myself, but as I began last night I had this overwhelming urge to hide and do nothing, because if I tried everyone would see what a poser I am, how unrealistic my expectations are, and how unprofessional my photographs actually are.

But then, Leighton gave me this look like, "don't be crazy," and started helping me think of names for my little business. So once that's done I think I will make a Facebook page and just put my photos up there and hope someone needs some cheap amateur portraits of their photogenic children.

Oh! And I figured out how to make a watermark in lightroom! I'm practically a pro.

Many thanks to Peter and Zachie's mommy and daddy for bearing with this novice photographer. <3 

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