Sunday, June 2, 2013

Brunch Date Your Red Head

I never understood the big deal about brunch. I mean, it's breakfast and lunch at the same time, which is pretty cool, but why is "going out to brunch" such a big deal in movies and shows about the rich and the famous? Yeah, I'm talking about you, Gossip Girl. Personally, I've always been the type who would rather eat her brunch home-made than in some restaurant where people are going to judge you for nomming down on more than you usually nom on at that time of day. And it's not like I drink, so really the 11 o clock cocktails don't appeal to me all that much. No judgement if that's your thing though, for reals.

Anywho. Yesterday I got the brunch love, and its all thanks to a place just a mile from our house called Bill's Cafe where magic happens at the 11am hour. Now normally I wouldn't have bought into the hype of a spot like this, I mean all they do is breakfast foods and a few sandwichy things. Where is the variety!? BUT, after several recommendations that we try the place from people at Mr. Llama's work, and driving by it on two consecutive Sundays only to find it packed with a huge line out front and people holding what looked like saucers of some sort of orange drink--we decided to give it a go. And holy balogna, am I ever glad we did.

Was the wait exhaustively long? Yes. Was the food 103% worth it? YES. And as a bonus it provided me with an epiphany about brunch. Brunch is not just about enormous amounts of breakfast food, it's about enormous amounts of delicious breakfast food that you'll wait in line for 45 minutes to get and then wish you hadn't devoured so quickly because now your plate is empty and it looks very sad, but hey the waiter keeps pouring you more water every two minutes and you probably couldn't take another bite without exploding anyway, so you don't have many complaints.

Now, below I've included a photographic guide to having an excellent brunch date experience. Execute and report!

 ^^^Find someplace highly recommended that specializes in brunch and is a little expensive but only because it is extremely worth it.

 ^^^Pick out a companion. Red hair is preferable but any color will probably do. The sense of humor is pivotal, though.

 ^^^ Order a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (or an alcoholic equivalent if that's your thing). Drink.

^^^Get served a delicious bacon, spinach and cheddar omelet with sour cream and chives, as well as a honkin side of hash browns.

 ^^^ Make sure your date orders something equally delicious looking with salsa, carnitas, and poached eggs piled onto an english muffin.

 ^^^Chow down.

 ^^^Now walk back to the car you had to park several blocks away because there was zero parking at the restaurant due to the over-population of brunchanistas in attendance, and find a pinecone nearly the size of your date's foot in someone's yard.

^^^Finally, pretend a conveniently shaped tree trunk is a race car and win a nascar championship.  That's it.

Do you have a favorite brunch spot? Do you like nascar? Do red-heads have souls? 

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  1. Brunch is a no for me, too early. I prefer brinner (breakfast for dinner). No to the Nascar also. 96.7% of red heads have souls.