Monday, June 3, 2013

How Do Balls Work?

Seriously. I don't know if you've ever been pregnant before, but if you have and you've used a birthing ball, I'd love any tips you have on getting them to help the baby realize she wants to be on the outside getting attention and cuddles instead of on the inside making her Mama Llama uncomfortable. I mean, do you just sit on it however and bounce? Do you stay on it for hours or minutes? How does this legendary device work!? Because I've spent like, an hour and a half bouncing on this sucker and feel exactly as pregnant as I did before. I'm pretty sure I must be missing something.

And in not pregnancy related news, I thought you should know that a gigantic red wood tree fell over in the park nearish our house on Saturday afternoon. We drove by the gaggle of fire trucks and police officers surrounding the area that night on our way to get some delicious pralines and caramel ice-cream from the heavenly creamery down the road (where we waited in line for half an hour but regretted nothing because have you tasted the deliciousness they serve there!?) The story goes the tree broke in half and fell with a bang which was probably king of booms, crushing six vehicles parked innocently near-by and scaring the heck out of many near by pedestrians and park goers.

Today after church we drove home past the park and got a look at the tree for ourselves, free of its encircling emergency responders. And it was indeed massive. And three of the cars were still sitting there with their everythings banged in and glass all over the place. It was a sight to behold and I am very very glad we didn't decide go to the park and leave our car under a doomed red-wood.

And I also hope everyone had really good insurance.

Now here are some photos of me spending my Sunday evening trying to turn an inside baby into an outside baby.

What's the weirdest natural disaster you've ever witnessed? Do you know how birthing balls work? Did you think this post was about something else? 


  1. I used it with my first by rocking side to side slowly to "stretch my hips" while I watched TV. (Which, by the way, won't do you any good if she tries to come out ear-first). The real miracle of the ball comes when they're post-womb and screaming and tired. A swaddled baby plus a bounce on the ball is amazing.

    Oh also, when I was pregnant with baby #3, I would get out of bed in the middle of the night and bounce on the ball to put her to sleep whilst still in the womb cause her rib kicks and somersaults were keeping me awake. And it worked! Sorry for the novel. :)

    1. The bouncing to put her to sleep while still inside never ever occurred to me, but it is BRILLIANT! Abbie, you are a genius!

  2. You are so entertaining Lidia! Bonus, balls and wood in the same story ;)