Thursday, June 13, 2013

Costco Is Lovely (and TBT)

Can we please, please talk about how awesome Costco is? I mean, the magnificence cannot be denied and should not be over-looked. Just think about it with me for a minute. You flash a card and get nodded into this exclusive club where right away there are a ton of snazzy looking electronics and 60 foot televisions and whatnot. Kaching! And then you get to wander around till your hearts content, and if it's the right time of day people will just give you food at random intervals because you look hungry and they are angels.

And the things you can buy in bulk! Of course the necessities like cold cereal and bread and Costco brand apple strudel muffins (which I tragically over-looked somehow on our trip yesterday and have been craving ever since), but then there are things like Cheez-Its (45 individual pouched for a little over eleven bucks!!!) and Cliff Bars. So you buy them and then you try to find someplace to store them all but you discover that the junk food drawer you set aside can't possibly contain the Cliff Bars and the Cheez-Its, so you pull out the almost empty candle drawer, remove the candles and try to fit all the Cheez-Its in there... only to fail because did you know 45 delicious pouches take up a lot of space? So then you throw your hands in the air and say, "I don't care who knows we love Cheez-Its," and put the whole giant box of them on top of the fridge for all to see and admire.

Andplusalso, they have grain free dog food at this heavenly store for super cheap (compared to other grain free dog foods), which is awesome because since we switched Llama Dog to a non-grain free food last week, he's had the runs. Gross.

Oh and guys, I don't know if you remembered, but today is Throwback Thursday! Yay! So because this is hopefully the last TBT for which I will be pregnant (get out of my uterus, baby!), I'm going to give you the progression of an almost Mama Llama.

 ^^^The day we found out I was knocked up. It was magical. And my hair was doing this funky too red thing because I box-dyed it. I do not recommend.
 ^^^Six weeks with child. See how flat my belly was? Those were the days. All the excitement, zero symptoms.
 ^^^20 Weeks. Halfway through the pregnancy. I was still nauseated, but otherwise feeling okay. And I was starting to look pregnant instead of just fat! Good times.
^^^This is a throwback to this past Sunday. 40 weeks knocked up. Can you see the craziness behind my eyes?

What is your favorite thing to buy at Costco? Cheez-Its are a food group, right? Can you think of another clever question to put here? 

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