Friday, June 14, 2013

Today feels like a rambling sort of day.

Frankly, I'm sick of talking pregnancy even though that's pretty much all that has been on my mind lately, so I'm making a conscious decision to skip over the pain in my upper thighs and the random vomiting this morning in favor of a far-more-interesting-to-me-at-the-moment topic.

Did you know that Dreyers (or is it Breyers? I can never remember and I'm too lazy to lift myself from this bouncy ball and walk the five feet to the freezer where I could verify) makes a girl scouts thin mint ice-cream? Because I didn't before I did but now I do and I think it's magnificent. It's like mint chocolate chip except there are cookies in it and they make my life a little more complete when I eat them even though I'm not a huge fan of thin mints to begin with. But like an Oreo dunked in milk, the ice-cream seems to make the thin mint better. And I am in love.

You know what else I am in love with today?

My Llama Dog when he isn't licking my legs (which I haven't shaved in weeks because you know, I can't really reach them to do so). And the garden courtyard thing I can look at through my dining room window as I write. I'm in love with the miracle of the weather here and the way a nice long walk doesn't dehydrate you in two seconds flat. Also salmon--it's just a really pretty color and it's super healthful.

I'm in love with the idea of having a teeny little baby all my own that I can snuggle and cuddle and take care of when she is sick or sad or happy or giggling. Really all of her moods. I'm in love with my husband who is a saint and who has done pretty well at putting up with the madness of these last few weeks of pregnancy even though I am a pill and sometimes whine like a toddler that my back hurts and I'm not getting enough attention. Really. No one ever told me pregnant women turned into needy little children during their last few weeks and terrorized their husbands without thought.

What else am I in love with today? Cold water. Yum. My vacuum. Those little plastic vegetable bags you get from the grocery store and can then reuse as dog poo disposer of-ers. Those are handy. Also my peach colored nail polish because it is bright and feminine and summery without being cliche. I think.

And finally, my bouncy ball, because it forces me to sit straight without too much effort and really helps with back pain. I love you bouncy ball.

Llama + BouncyBall = Love.

Oh, and the ice-cream was Breyers.

^^^With a side of that peachy nail polish. Innit pretty?

What are you in love with today? Do you like girl scout cookies? What should I blog about tomorrow?

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  1. Girl I am so happy you're happy today. Also Heroes' loss still hurts.