Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Home Evening

So the FHE last night was pretty rockin. After our midwife appointment and an impromptu early dinner date following (which I'm going to make you wait until tonight to hear about, bwahahah!) we came home and did some scripture study together before digging into the really awesome part of what we had planned. Onesie painting! 

I know, we're so exciting. But I've had the blank onesies and the paint for ages and ages now, and I've been meaning to do something fun with them but just never got around to it. This way I was able to rope Mr. Llama into helping though, and we could call it a family enriching experience. Yay us! 

It took me over twice as long to finish with my onesies as it took the Mr. to finish with his, but maybe he's just more naturally talented than I am? I mean, he free-handed his and they both look awesome, while I and my serious lack of painting talent had to use copious amounts of painters tape. 

 ^^^See, those are Leighton's. Super legit, right? Ruby (Baby Llama) is going to have a onesie with a ruby on it, painted by her Daddy who loves her very much. And also a smiley face onesie because Daddy was channeling Forest Gump for some reason.

Now here are mine. 

^^^ So this one started off cute enough. Her heart is in Arizona with both sets of grandparents. Adorable, right? Now do you see all those green streaks? Those are there because I accidentally got green paint on the onesie and figured I should just do streaks everywhere to make it look like I meant to do it. And I mean, it does look like I meant to do it now... but it also doesn't look good. I could always say it's to bring to mind the bold saguaro though I guess? I mean who doesn't want their baby to look prickly and unapproachable like a cactus?

^^^And here is the proof that without painters tape I would be lost. (How do you think I managed straight lines on the Arizona outline? 

So basically, we had fun, but I should not be allowed to dress my child in clothing of my own creation. You live you learn. 

Have you ever used acrylic paint on fabric before? Did it stay through the wash? Are you good at painting like my husband is? Or should you perhaps stick to writing as an art form like me? 

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