Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Probably TMI Bump Update and Nerdliness!

Okay, so yesterday's Midwife appointment. It went well. Mr. Llama got off of work early to go with me, which was nice, and we drove over to Cupertino to make the 3 o clock time slot I'd been given. We got there on time at which point I drank a couple cups of water to try and fill up the bladder (which doesn't take very long these days, let me tell you) and then had my blood pressure taken and my weight measured. It's always super thrilling standing on that scale, really the highlight of the whole experience, so I don't even know why I'm bothering to go on (sarcasm).

Next up they sat me down in this really peaceful room and strapped a couple things to my belly to monitor the baby's movements and heart rate and whatnot. They call it a non-stress test (NST), and it took maybe five minutes. Baby Llama passed with flying colors because she is a genius. After the NST I met the ultrasound technician and we got to see the baby while he measured and joked and talked about how she had a bit of peach fuzz but probably not a lot of hair, which makes us think she'll be either blonde or red-headed like her Daddy. And then Baby Llama stuck her tongue out at us and blinked and did all manner of cute things.

For those of you interested, she's measuring about seven pounds nine ounces (give or take a pound) and  has the roundest little cheeks in there. So round in fact that Mr. Llama suggested she might have inherited them from my father, who has the awesomest cheeks ever. She also seems to be super cozy (even though she's super crowded) and has a good amount of fluid to swim in as well as a still fully functioning placenta.

After that it was time for the not so cute part of the visit, during which my no nonsense, down to earth and personable midwife got to stick her fingers into my nether regions and check my cervix. Joyful day.  Good news though! She was surprised to find that I'm already dilated 3-4 centimeters (for reference, fully dilated is 10 centimeters) and 80% effaced. She told me with those stats I could ask to be induced at any time and they'd be cool with it, but she suggested just letting nature do it's thing because the baby could really come at any point now. By any point though, she meant any time from that night to two weeks from now, because women have been known to stay at 3-4 centimeters for weeks. Fortunately though, baby's head is super low and in a great position, so as soon as she says it's go time, we can evacuate her.

So basically my body is doing what it is supposed to do like a champ. Thanks, body!

Oh yeah, and she also told me to call them as soon as I was in labor, because things might move quickly due to my current progress. So cheers to a fast, easy, and painless delivery. Are those a real thing while unmedicated?

Once that was over I left a urine sample (still can't aim worth a toot) and we left the office. On our way home we passed a BJ's and I was craving a Pizzookie, so we stopped and had a pretty early dinner, but it was delicious so I don't even care that I had to have a second dinner before bed time.

Anywho, this BJ's happened to be conveniently located next to the one place in Silicon Valley that Mr. Llama has been dying to go, but far too embarrassed to actually suggest visiting because he thinks I don't like his nerdiness or something, which is so not the case. I love him in all of his nerdly glory, especially when he is reluctantly but ecstatically standing next to the Apple Campus's sign and then going in to explore their official gift shop while pretending like he didn't want me to drag him there. It's just super dreamy to see. Watch, I'll show you.

So yeah, we had a pretty rad time yesterday. And I highly suggest getting a cookies and cream pizzookie next time you're at BJ's, because guys, it was divine. 

Now Ciao!

What is the nerdiest thing about you? Should I have purchased that onesie? Isn't my husband handsome?

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