Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Little about Exercise

Would you like to know what I'm eating right this very second? Oatmeal. And it is delicious. This morning its flavored with some honey and a spoonful of peanut butter, because I mean why not? I have recently discovered that oatmeal is also tasty with some mixed berries and agave nectar mixed in, in case you were wondering. Also, I'll have you know I only had to get up three times while typing this paragraph--hang on--four times to give a screaming baby back her pacifier friend.

This morning I'm being productive again. I've already got some more laundry in the washer and made myself a hot breakfast and played with the baby. Next up is hopefully exercise followed by a quick shower and some sewing. Speaking of exercise, I've been doing fairly well at it (knock on wood) for the past few days.

I started 30 Day Shred on Friday, took the weekend off and then picked it back up on Monday, It kicked my tush in a serious way, but I did it again yesterday and added some little hand weights... which proceeded to kick my rear even more. But I love it--well, not the workout but the way if feel once it is over--so I'm going to keep it up and hopefully with some proper diet and a lot of effort I'll be down 20 pounds by the beginning of October, which will put me at my pre-pregnancy weight And then by the new year I'm hoping to be down another 20 pounds and at 135 again. But really as long as I'm losing steadily I'm okay with getting back in shape at whatever pace my body manages.

Oh! And last night I went running for the first time in ages! Yeah it was on the treadmill, and yes it was only a mile, but I did that mile in just a little over 12 minutes, which is faster than I've ever done before. So there. Small victories. And I'd also done my other work out that morning, so I was double a champion. And while we're on the subject of champions, I think its important that you know I went out by myself for the first time since the baby was born. Mr. Llama came home around eight after a late meeting and some basketball and watched the kidlet while I ran out to return a red box and spend his hard earned money at Target on diapers and sports bras. Only one of which were for me. And guise, the bras are hot. I got a highlighter yellow one and a pink chevron one, and they actually did a good job of keeping the girls in check when I ran.

So now you know. Feel free to hold me accountable with the exercise thing, ask me how its going and whether I've devoured any cookies lately. I'd count it as a personal favor. For realsies.

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  1. Good for you exercising! new sports bras are fun.