Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Triumph In The Morning

Today I woke up around eight and made magic happen. I dunno if you're aware, but getting things done with a teeny baby around is kinda difficult, so when I am able to accomplish the things on my list in a minimal amount of time, it's a triumph. This morning I managed to feed the baby (twice), change the baby (four times), eat breakfast, exercise, shower and bathe the baby, do laundry, defrost chicken for grilling and watch several episodes of the office. All before noon.


And yesterday was also awesome in the getting things done department. I woke up and took Leighton to work, stopped at a fabric store where I bought some gauze fabric for a baby wrap and some more swaddle blankets, and then ran to the optometrist where I had them order me some new frames because the ones they gave me on Friday lost a decorative piece after like, an hour of wearing them. And then in the evening we did our grocery shopping and I was in bed by 9:00 to try and catch up on sleep I'd lost the night before while driving home from our trip.

Now its almost lunch time and there are some rumblies in my tumbly and the baby looks like she is about to wake up from her nap, so I'll make the rest of this quick and just post some photos already.

^^^This is what a freshly fed baby looks like first thing in the morning as you take off her jammies.

 ^^^And this is what she looks like once she is wearing just a clean diaper and you're making silly faces at her.

^^^But then if you give it half an hour she'll look like this...

 ^^^No worries though, because if you have a couple of sturdy rings and a scarf you can do this and she'll sleep happily on your chest until she is ready to rinse and repeat.

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