Thursday, August 8, 2013

We're Going on an Adventure!

I live in a magical place. With just a little bit of exercise I can get to a paradise of intriguing things and delicious things and all sorts of other things to keep me occupied in the middle of the day. Yesterday for example, I strapped Baby Llama to my chest and went for a walk. We ended up on Lincoln Avenue where dwells that delicious little creamery which I managed to avoid, along with a bunch of tiny boutiques with lovely things I'm not rich enough to buy on a whim. Seriously though, some of the clothes make me almost explode with want and then die of regret when I walk away without them. Walking into all of these cute shops is like walking into Anthropologie and then leaving because you can't afford anything but a discounted button, except there are multiple shops, so your heart gets to break multiple times. On the plus side, often times they do inspire me to go on a pinterest rampage and get my craft on, so there's that.

I feel I must confess to you at this point, that while I did manage to avoid the creamery and its siren call, I did wander into an adorable little candy shop with all sorts of fantastic candies I'd never heard of and a gelato bar, and a chocolate case with something called a haystack, which is a pile of coconut drenched in chocolate and delicious to the taste but pretty pricy and probably far more calories than I should have been eating. And as the girl behind the counter sold me my chocolate fix, she told me that the copy of Willy Wonka which was playing at the back of the store on a flat screen played on repeat and had for the past year and a half of her life. At this point I took my chocolate, expressed my sincerest sympathy, and walked out of the store. I saw this on my way out.

I was not  brave enough to try it, but perhaps next time.

So I kept walking and wound up in several different shops where I was tempted to buy lots of pretty things and wound up having a conversation with a lady about my baby sling and spinal blocks and how she was a gifted child and had a gifted child and was writing a book about it or something. It was all a little vague and took place in one of those shops where they sell incense and tarot cards and books about mysticism, so I'm not sure I really got everything she was talking about.

Anywho, I found myself at the end of the street next to a Starbucks on the corner (because this is California) and so I got myself a glass of water because I was thirsty.

And so Ruby and I sipped water and slept and made our way to the library where I nursed her in front of this woman who gave me awkward sorts of looks whenever baby made any slurpy noises. Then she gave me this little milk drunk look and I melted.

After that we just sorta hung out in the children's section of the library (which is sweetacular) until Mr. Llama got off of work and rescued the pair of us and took us home to watch the office. It was good times.

Andplusalso, I am going to express just once more how thankful I am to live someplace where the high can be in the mid-seventies in August and I can take my baby on exploratory walks around the neighborhood during the hottest part of the day.

Now on a completely unrelated note, here is a link to piece written by a tumblr blogger I've recently discovered and adored. Normally she posts funny gifs, but sometimes she gets serious. This article just described how I feel about my faith so perfectly that I wanted to share. Go forth and read or not, my lovelies!


  1. That article was excellent. I feel like blindly following is not what the gospel is about. and the comment about "the brethren" was spot on. on a completely different note, ruby is growing up so fast! and that starbucks water looks delicious.

    1. I'm really glad you liked it, because it definitely spoke to me.

      And she's going to be two months old a week from today!!! Where has the time gone???

      Hang out soon?