Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Dinner Date in San Jose

Date night with a baby is only a little different than date night without. Basically the only big changes for us are that we need to get home earlier so she can go to bed on time and we can have some adult time in the evening, and that one of us has to hold her during whatever activity we chose for the evening. This past friday, it was just a simple dinner.

Leighton got a recommendation for a place called Okayama in San Jose's Japan Town from our home teacher who lives in that area. We hadn't been there yet, so we packed ourselves into the car and drove over. The restaurant had its own little private parking lot, so we got to avoid the meters (score!) and only walk a few yards to the front door of the establishment.

Once we got in they seated us at a table and one of the waitresses cooed over Baby Llama's little toes and fingers and everythings. It was actually really adorable. We took a while looking over the menu, and finally decided on some Japanese potstickers, teriyaki pork ribs, and a sushi platter. From start to finish, the meal was a win, though we did discover that I am a wuss and can't handle wassabi because I mean that stuff is hot. After the meal, the waitress brought us our check and little scoops of their complimentary green tea ice-cream, which I kinda fell in love with and think I may order a full serving of next time we go.

We left the place satisfied and smiling, but then because I am a glutton, we stopped at this dairy-queen like place a few blocks away and I ordered a giant banana split for us to share. There were strawberries and pineapples and chocolate and whipped cream and bananas and ice-cream and we finished it in under three minutes, that's how tasty it was.

So basically we had a lovely evening and I regret nothing, even though It's probably going to take me all week to work off the calories I consumed in the banana split alone.

 ^^^ FYI, I have no idea why i look up and away from the camera when I know someone is taking a picture of me eating. I guess its just one of those endearing quirks you will grow to love about me.

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  1. I've been there! and now I'm craving sushi... You were very close to my house!