Monday, August 12, 2013

Turns Out I'm a Little Hippie

In babylandia, Little Llama slept for a full eight hours in a row last night. Eight hours! And then, then she when back to sleep for another two and a half hours. Thats ten and a half hours of sleep!!! Which means I got a full eight hours myself, and some baby free hours in the evening. It was magical, you guys. Now please keep your fingers, toes and other appendages crossed that she'll continue to sleep for such an awesome length of time at night. And if she wants to cut out that feeding between eight and ten hours, I'd totally support her in that too and just fill her full of even more milk calories during the day.

Also breaking news, we've run out of the disposable diapers so many friends and family generously gave us. They got us through the new-born phase and a month of size ones, and now we're faced with the prospect of buying our own diapers. So after a lot of research and conversations with people who know, I decided to do something radical and switch from disposables to cloth diapers. Ick, gross, I know. Haven't I heard that cloth diapers means I'll have to scrape poo into the toilet and deal with leaks all over and do laundry every three hours? Yes, I have heard those things, but it turns out they are actually wrong.

In reality, cloth diapers are a lot easier to use than you'd imagine, super cost effective, leak way less than disposable diapers, and (for the amount I ordered) only need to be laundered every third day. I'll be  using something called a prefold, which is a flat, cushy piece of cloth that you just wrap around baby like a diaper and close using a snappi (a magical invention much like the thing that holds an ace bandage in place, but designed for diapers). Prefolds are not water proof though, so I'll also be using covers, which are a ton better than the rubber pants we used to wear as babies. Also a ton cuter. See?

So now I have prefolds, covers, snappis, as well as a special laundry bag for the diapers on order and should be receiving them either the end of this week or the beginning of next... which means I shouldn't have to buy disposables again until we're traveling somewhere where we don't have access to a washer and dryer. Bam. How is that for a productive weekend?

Oh andplusalso we went to church where my baby was the fairest of them all (I don't even care if I'm biased) and here's proof.

^^^Okay, okay, this one is from Saturday, not Sunday. But you get my point.


  1. You should have told me!! I just sold my huge stash of cloth diapers. (Well not huge for twins.. not even enough for both the twins actually, hence why I got rid of them.) I wanted to CD the twins... It was too much money up front for us to get the rest of the diapers we needed. I bought what I had at a garage sale in washington for 5 bucks a piece!!

    1. Aaaah! What kinds of dipes were they? Pre-folds with covers or AIO's? I'm seriously considering getting some AIO's or pre-stuffed pockets for the diaper bag, because they would be a teensy bit easier to deal with when we're out.

  2. props to you on cloth diapers! I don't know if i could handle it!