Thursday, August 1, 2013

Baby's Day Out

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Ruby and she had a very busy day. She woke up around eight and was fed and dressed and put into her car seat, and the next thing she knew she was waking up in some sort of office with her Mommy and her Daddy and she got to poop in a new place! Her Mama changed her diaper and then all of the sudden she opened her eyes and she was in a restaurant and there was a booby in her face, so she ate and then there must have been a time warp, because they were back at the car and she was eating again and then she was in her car seat and she was very lonely so she cried and cried and cried until everything changed yet again and she was at home and it was six in the evening.

And that is what its like to be six weeks old.

Of course when you're 23 years old, things go a bit differently. The day starts off basically the same, but between putting the baby in her car seat and her pooping in a new place, you get to visit your husbands work and show off the newest member of your family. It was pretty sweet. Especially because his office has free hot chocolate that has only 45 calories in it but still tastes just as delicious as the sugar added versions with 100 plus calories.

Unfortunately, Ruby's exciting pooping adventure resulted in a blow-out of pretty epic proportions. Her shorts were ickified and Mommy realized she had forgotten to pack a change of clothing. And that's how I ended up at an exciting new Target in Sunnyvale with a sleeping, pantsless baby, buying a new outfit for her and then rushing back to the car because I was late for my lunch date.

If you're wondering, I did actually make it to lunch with a freshly diapered and changed little girl, and it was fabulous. I got to meet an online friend I'd been chatting with for a while, and she was pretty much the awesomest of sauces. She has a baby girl just five days younger than Ruby and the girls became best of friends as they slept in their carriers and didn't even look at one another because they can't focus on things farther away than pretty much their own finger tips.

As they slept, we ate lunch at this tasty Indian place and chatted and chatted until we were full on lentil soup and naan. Afterwards, we wandered down Castro Street in Mountain View and in and out of various bookshops and boutiques that made me really wish I didn't care about going into debt because did you know there is such a thing as a seven year pen? It writes over a meter a day for seven years and I really wish I had bought it now, but I promised myself I could have it if I wrote every day for a month, so there's that. Also, I really wish I were back to my pre-pregnancy weight/size because if I were I totally would have bought the heck out of several pieces of clothing I thought were beautiful and lovely and such.

So the moral of that story is that I had a lot of fun and made a new friend who is hilarious and also a mom and it was great. Also, the seven year pen. Tell your friends.

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