Friday, August 2, 2013

Some Assembly Required

IDK if you've ever had to set up a crib before, but let me just tell you... its not as complicated as Mr. Llama and I made it the other night. I mean, first of all, it probably shouldn't take you five hours to do, because it's just a crib for a little baby and there really aren't that many pieces. I mean, it's not like we had to hand carve or paint the thing. Second of all, you probably should notice the directions strapped to the metal mattress holder and use those instead of trying to find them online and ending up using the wrong set of instructions.

The problems began as soon as we started. Because the directions online had different letters corresponding to the different screw sizes, I ended up using screws that were far too short for the places I was trying to screw them. What was my solution? Instead of trying a longer screw, I blamed it on the crib's holes and ended up chipping away at the slots where the screws went until they were deep enough for the screw to just barely catch the barrel bolt and stay in. Yeah. I did that. It took me miss placing all but the last four screws before I realized my mistake. It also took me that long to find the directions in plane sight!

So we disassembled everything and reassembled with the correct screw sizes, and we're about to put on the final piece when we realize we got the back panel of the crib screwed on backwards.  Yeah, I'm a complete genius. So we had to unscrew it again, turn it around and re-screw it.

It was a long night. By the time we were done it was almost midnight and Ruby had been sleeping on our bed for a couple of hours already. Poor thing.

And Mr. Llama ended up missing basketball at the church and trying to build himself into the crib as punishment I think?

In the end though, the crib looked really good... even if it did have to be in a closet next to all of our clothes instead of a cute little nursery with chevron walls and mint green accents and all manner of adorable pinterest inspired decor.

Now please excuse me while I try to vacuum up all the styrofoam left on our carpets and walls and bed covers and shoes and... well, everything.

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