Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Park Days

Today was another lovely day. We woke up late (because mama was a silly goose and didn't go to sleep until midnight last night) and had a big steaming bowl of oatmeal (me) with a side of boob (Ruby). Then it was off to the park where a bunch of sweet girls from church meet on Wednesdays to chat and let their children play. Ruby hung out on a blanket under some shade and just stared at the whole wide world around her. It was pretty adorable. 

Anywho. The park was great (75 degrees and mostly sunny!) but Rubyroo eventually became tired and cranky because she is a baby and that is just what happens when you're a baby and there's a lot going on. So we left and stopped at the store to get some frozen pizzas from the store which I'm planning on feeding to some missionaries tonight along with whatever pastry I decide to make.

And in other news, trying to run with a jogging stroller is HARD. Like seriously, out a fifteen pound weight in a stroller some time and go for a jog. See how far you make it, because I went maybe a quarter of a mile before I had to stop. 

Now here's my view at the moment to say ciao with. 

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